Cirrus™ Wave Styler


  • Easy to use
  • Trendy design
  • Light weight
  • No electricity
  • No damage to your hair
  • Heatfree and without worries

Cirrus™ Wave Styler cooperates with various exclusive partners in Europe. This means you may be re-directed to the website from one of our partners, in case you want to order Cirrus from our web shop.


Cirrus™ Wave Styler is cordless and thus can be used anytime and anywhere! The styler works without electricity and heat, meaning it is safe way to style your hair without the risk of hair damage. To operate the Cirrus™ Wave Styler, simply press and release the handle. The Styling Wavers will rotate 270 degrees with each press and you can very easily add volume, wave and curl as desired to your hair. Choose between the various styling wavers for creating different hair styles.

The premium gift box includes 1 Cirrus™ Wave Styler, 1 holder and 2 sets of wavers (no. 1 and no. 2).

The trendy design and the use of lightweight materials, allows you to easily carry Cirrus with you when not at home.

Additional information


Packaging 9.5 x 9.5 x 29.7cm


Styler components: POM
Spring: Stainless Steel (lifetime: ~ 50,000 times)
Pressure lever: PC
Styling Waver: ABS (Maximum temperature: -45 ℃ ~ 135 ℃)
Other components: ABS (Maximum temperature: -45 ℃ ~ 135 ℃)
Rotations per styling waver is ~270° each squeeze


Gross weight: 0,70Kg
Nett weight: 0,64Kg

User instructions

1) Apply a strengthening product in your hair (eg. styling cream or volume powder)
2) Put the Cirrus Wave Styler on your starter where you want volume, wave and curl and press the black handle at the bottom of the brush
3) Repeat this in different places, not only at the start, you can use the Cirrus Wave Styler anywhere in your hair.
4) To maintain the result longer, we recommend using a hair spray / hair spray as a finishing touch.

* Results depend on the hair length, the hair type and the use of hair products you apply.

Styling Wavers

The styling waver 01 and 02 can be used separately to create different hair styles:
1) simply pull the styling waver out of the styler.
2) if desired, place another styling waver.


To ensure that your Cirrus ™ Wave Styler stays in optimum condition, follow these steps:
1) To clean the styler, use only a cloth.
2) Do NOT clean the styler with water.
3) The individual styling wavers can easily be cleaned with water. Do not use soap or other chemical cleaners.